i had an amazing day with my best friends celebrating my 18th birthday!

we went to stacks, a pancake house, and ate our hearts out :)

i don’t quite feel 18 — 17 was a good age. i’ll never forget it!





outfit rundown!

dress – lucy & co (from a boutique in san francisco)

shoes – jeffrey campbell darling pumps

tiara – from my best friend :)

it’s gonna be a great year!

♫ sara

winter is hardly chilly in california!

this is an early valentine’s day look. i love the little crocheted flowers at the top of the top (haha!)


i’m trying to document more of my outfits, but the photo quality isn’t as good because i don’t have time to edit and whatnot!

hope you still enjoy though :)

outfit rundown:

pink polka dot cardigan – boutique

pink polka dot skirt – urban outfitters

crochet flower collar top – LF

red floral flats – dr martens

♫ sara

happy halloween babes!

so excited to go trick-or-treating, even though i’m almost 18.

i found this dress on ebay back in january and i totally had to have it. a la cher horowitz from clueless much?

totally bogus

the yellow plaid is perfect for cher. i used my old flip phone as a cute accessory, too!
oh flip phones. how the times have changed!

clueless 5


outfit rundown!

dress – beckerman (fall 2008 clueless collection)

socks – american apparel

shoes – steve madden

♫ sara

the song is in honor of monsters inc/monsters university :)

again, fall weather is my friend! wearing my polar bear sweater from a few years ago in honor of halloween tomorrow.

you can also somewhat, kind of, maybe see my highlights that i got a month ago in these :)


if i didn't have you!


outfit rundown

blazer – BDG/urban outfitters

sweater – urban outfitters

skirt – american apparel

shoes – liberty london for dr martens

necklace – juicy couture

old friends :) [lookbook]

long time no post!

i haven’t been putting together great outfits in the past year because of stress and whatnot from school.

but i finally finished applying to my early decision and early action colleges, so we’ll see how it all goes!

it is getting chilly in northern california. perfect weather for simon & garfunkel music (old friends inspired this outfit!)


old friends

i found my mom’s old suede coat. my japanese teacher was strangely in love with it lol


outfit rundown

suede mid-length coat – vintage, mom’s

striped dress – urban outfitters (BDG)

scarf – betsey johnson

shoes (creepers) – underground

necklaces – anthropologie

thanks for reading!

♫ sara

hey guys! first post in a long time.

this is my new favorite song! kilo kish is actually my current  favorite artist.

there are no accurate lyrics online so this is the closest interpretation.


♬  ♪ ♩ ♫

it’s not that i don’t want to
have you
i think you know i have to
grab you
get inside my cab too
after you!
(you pay)

black dress
and the moon shine
candle lit air sounds about right
flipping my hair at the stoplight
high flying
take your time on a rainy day
sipping coffee in a foggy way
can’t clear my brain
know what they say
girls go insane!
(i need my medication)
sunglasses in the evening
cocktails with olives at our meetings
everything’s repeating
come see me!

let’s get real f*cked up
we won’t know which way’s up
crosstown on the bus now
how’s that sound?
urban vacation
take me to a place when
we never mind the looks on their faces!

now that you’re with me
now that you’re with me
now that you’re with me
now that you’re with me

YSL on my lips
put your hand on my hips
leather at the head rest
our sunset
afternoon champgane
collared shirt
and dress plain
take your photo
don’t tag me, though
airport layover
arm across my shoulder
do you know what comes next
but don’t expect
we can get f*cked up
blah blah blah blah

✰ i honestly don’t even know why you would even leave the house, just drink wine and look aimlessly into each other’s eyes 


omg, it’s sara/iomoo–she still posts? what? how? when!?

after being awol on my wordpress i am finally back! or so i think i am.

before i explain to you about my awolness, if you ever miss me then just follow me on twitter and tumblr–i post there much more often!

i am now a junior at my high school, and i just finished homecoming at my school as junior class president, which as you can infer is a very stressful and time consuming job. regardless it has all been great so far, just veryyyyy stressful, hence no blog posts :(

i finally have been able to take photos of myself after not taking any almost all summer. i was so busy photographing other people for my portfolio, which i will be posting more pics of soon! meanwhile, check out my facebook page, and like it! :D

here is my costume for halloween a few days ago–i was tuna sushi, inspired by miranda cosgrove the episode of icarly called ihalfoween! some people didn’t really know what i was but when they figure it out, they liked it :)

the headband is ginger, scarf is seaweed, pillow is tuna, and white clothing is rice!


more photos now!

le costume de sushi!DSC_0058-002




outfit rundown!

headband, scarf, and pillow – target

lace shirt and skirt – free people

boots – j shoes

i’ll make a new post soon!

♫ sara


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